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Morph Alpha - Collapsible Foam Roller Midnight

Morph Alpha - Collapsible Foam Roller Midnight

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The most portable/storable foam roller in the world, THE MORPH provides the usability and functionality of a standard size foam roller with groundbreaking Collapsible Core Technology. Now you can take care of your body anywhere and anytime. No compromises. Alpha vs Bravo The Morph Alpha is the suggested option for foam roller veterans and 1st-time foam roller users who prefer a deep massage and need more pressure on chronic trigger-points. The Alpha features Brazyn s patented nubshape designed to penetrate deeper into muscles to relieve muscle knots. The Morph Bravo offers a smoother rolling surface for a more traditional foam rolling feel. It s multi-level foam surface still helps to isolate knots in the muscles, but it is less intense than the Morph Alpha.

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