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Mount - Color: White - Pmmmmwnp

Mount - Color: White - Pmmmmwnp

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Handmade in America - has been creating modern wall mount mailboxes in Boise, Idaho since 2015 Aluminum construction (modern mailbox that won t rust) - Our modern wall mount mailboxes are constructed out of durable aluminum and will not rust when exposed to the elements. Industrial grade powder coated finish - Our mid century modern mailboxes are built to last for years to come. Modern mailbox inspired by mid century modern design - Classic design never goes out of style. Internal outgoing mail flag - modern mailbox can easily be inserted into column and provide full functionality of outgoing mail flag. offers our post mount modern mailbox inspired by Mid-Century Modern design. Handmade in the USA, our mid century modern mailbox is constructed out of durable aluminum and finished with an industrial grade powder coating. Looking for some modern curb appeal, our curbside mailbox is perfect for your mid-century modern or atomic ranch home. Our contemporary mailbox measures 10wide x 16deep x 8tall. Our mid century mailbox has a front opening lid for easy access. You can also purchase this modern post mount mailbox with post on a separate product listing.

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