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Mouse Dock Pro

Mouse Dock Pro

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Charge. Unleash. Play Power up your gaming with the Mouse Dock Pro-a wireless dock and puck combo designed for seamless wireless charging. Armed with an integrated 4K Hz transceiver, unlock ultra-responsive performance for our most advanced mice, as you bask in the glow of victory with Chroma RGB. Magnetic Wireless Charging Charging has never been this intuitive or easy. Simply install the wireless charging puck on a compatible mouse and place it onto the dock-a fit that stays secure while charging. Integrated HyperPolling 4K Hz Transceiver Pair the dock with a compatible mouse to unlock an insane level of responsiveness and precision designed for top-tier competitive gaming. 8 Chroma RGB Lighting Zones Customize the dock s underglow from over 16.8 million colours and a suite of effects. Sync it with your setup to experience dynamic lighting for over 150 integrated games. Charge Status RGB Lighting When charging, the mouse and dock will light up to reflect battery level-from low (red) to mid (yellow) to full (green). While using the mouse, the dock also flashes red when battery is low. Anti-Slip Base The dock has a tacky underside that gives it an incredible amount of grip to ensure it never topples over, yet is gentle enough to not leave any sticky markings on your desk.

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