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Moutai Flying Fairy Baiju 500ml Bottle

Moutai Flying Fairy Baiju 500ml Bottle

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Moutai is one of the worlds 3 most famous liquors. It is the originator in yeast sauce liquor in China. It is the monument of liquor culture that brewers have used magic talent, distilled the cream of broomcorn, picked up the soul of wheat, exploited the nimbus of the sky and earth, and captured irreplaceable microorganisms of special environment for fermentation, mixing and sublimation. Moutai has a long history. As recorded in history, as early as in 135 BC, Moutai Town, the ancient apanage, brewed the medlar sauce wine that Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty had high opinion of, and was thus known throughout the world. In 1915, Moutai won the gold prize of Panama Words Fair, and became known throughout the world. After the establishment of our country, Moutai has won international gold prizes for several times. It is sold to over 100 countries and regions. The production technique of Moutai is ancient and unique.

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