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Mpc Live Ii

Mpc Live Ii

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The legend returns. The MPC Live II lets you capture, play, and edit creative ideas whenever and wherever they arrive. To do that, the MPC Live II is equipped with a touch screen display, 16 responsive pads, and a whole host of hardware controls - giving you instant changes. A built-in set of monitors make collaborating that much easier too. Plus, your headphones are now one less piece of gear to forget. But the MPC Live II is not just an on-the-go creator. You can now use MIDI and CV Gate connections to add modular gear to your setup. Meaning the MPC Live II can function as the creative brain of your studio setup. Complete with the MPC Live II are a pair of high-end V-Moda headphones, perfect for monitoring and making music in peace. The V-Moda M-100 Crossfade Headphones deliver stunning clarity thanks to the wide frequency response. The 50mm dual-diaphragm driver separates the bass from bleeding into the mids and highs, resulting in exceptional audio quality and performance.

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