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Ms-Ra670 Apollo Marine Stereo

Ms-Ra670 Apollo Marine Stereo

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The Apollo RA670 marine stereo embodies award-winning audio innovation in a compact form factor. Featuring built-in Digital Signal Processing technology from , enjoy superior sound quality in every listening environment with custom audio profiles. PartyBus-Network gives you the freedom of musical choice on board your boat, allowing you to group multiple networked stereos to play the same audio source in sync. When the Apollo RA670 is connected via Ethernet to an external wireless network router (sold separately), it gains Wi-Fi capabilities including Wi-Fi audio streaming with Apple AirPlay 2 and over-the-air software updates. The Apollo RA670 also has advanced source options and Multi-Zone technology in up to 3 independent audio zones for a customized listening experience. With -Link integration, control your audio from compatible multifunction displays, smart devices or Garmin watches.

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