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Ms756bk - Iron Works Studio - Telescoping Boom Stand

Ms756bk - Iron Works Studio - Telescoping Boom Stand

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The Iron Works Studio Series MS756BK stand is strong and;versatile enough for sensitive studio gear, the stand is also qualified for rugged roadwork. Instead of using common hollow metal tubing, Iron Works tripod legs are solid iron. This smart, bottom-heavy design provides steadfast positioning in a smaller footprint. Tama s extra-thick rubber foot covers completely isolate the stand from floor vibrations. The tilter features Tama s unique multi-steel-plate Vice Grip compression approach cinches and secures this critical axis with remarkable strength and assuredness. Tama solves the age-old problem of metallic buzzing/rattling by embedding a plastic insert inside the T-handle stem. The die-cast locking thumb nut s larger, sure-grip design allows greater leverage for faster, easier set-up and breakdown. And Iron Works sturdy zinc, die-cast adjustment collar will be appreciated by drummers burned by the performance failure of flimsy plastic collars. A cleverly designed Latch-Lok Sleeve Insert inside the main height adjustment mechanism prevents the collar from wearing out over time—so you ll never have to worry about endless collar turning that fails to ever tighten its grip.

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