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Efficient room layout Is your garage already full enough and do you not need a large roof box to store it Roof boxes are ideal for winter sports or summer holidays but you don t have to drive around with such a bulky suitcase all year round. To prevent your garage or shed from being filled with a huge trunk in one fell swoop you can use this handy lift system to hang the roof box from the ceiling. Convenient and very efficient use of space! Easy to operate The Multilift 572 can be mounted on the ceiling of the garage. The lift consists of a basic system with four pulleys that have to be hung a bit apart. You thread the rope through the base and the pulleys to easily lift your roof box. You do this with the help of the handy crank. So you have to mess around with the lift system near the ceiling you just do this from scratch. You will find more information about installation in the user manual. Also for surfboards and kayaks. The Multilift carries a maximum of 100 kilograms and is not only suitable for roof boxes but can also be used very well for surfboards or kayaks for example. All large objects that you prefer not to keep on the ground can now be easily lifted into the air with the help of this handy Multilift from !

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