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Mustang Racing Front Lower Control Arm Upgrade Kit 2005-2010

Mustang Racing Front Lower Control Arm Upgrade Kit 2005-2010

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Vehicle Fitments: 2005-2010 Mustang These front lower control arm kits enable the owners of vehicles to upgrade them with low-friction ball joints and improved inner bushings. They feature a higher quality nylon bearing that dramatically improves impact harshness, resulting in a better ride. These kits are recommended when heavy-duty suspension components are added. They include left and right lower control arm assemblies, cotter pins, and instructions. Suspension components are key to making sure your car is riding smoothly on or off the road. With upgraded suspension components, you can unlock the full potential of your vehicles performance. Control arms connect your vehicle s suspension to the vehicles frame. Control arms allow your vehicle to turn and pivot. By having a quality set of control arms, you can keep your vehicle s suspension feeling smooth and operating properly.

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