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MV26741-Fluid Dispensing System

MV26741-Fluid Dispensing System

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Dispenses fluids to fill or top-off master cylinders, coolant bottles, automatic transmissions, differentials, and power steering and other reservoirs. Performs hydraulic brake and clutch bleeding with additional adapter purchase.Features - Large 1.2-gallon (5-liter) fluid capacity. Fluid is dispensed under pressure for smooth continual flow. Integrated manual pump adds air above the fluid level to prevent aeration. Internal pump components are sealed against exposure to fluids. ON/OFF and flow control valve are conveniently located near fluid output. Utilizes push-to-connect, quick-change style accessory connections. Pressure gauge indicates fluid dispensing pressure. Integrated safety and manual pressure relief valve. 1.2-gallon (5-liter) Fluid Reservoir. Reservoir Lid w/ integrated manual pump, pressure gauge, and pressure relief valve. 5 ft. Fluid Dispensing Hose w/ flow control and auto-shutoff valves. Fluid Dispensing Wand. Hanging Hook.

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