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Mx Master 2s Wireless Mouse

Mx Master 2s Wireless Mouse

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The MX Master 2S from is a precise and responsive office mouse for right-handed users that offers a comfortable design, high precision and flexible wireless connectivity. It also breaks new ground in interoperability, so you can be more productive than ever with multiple devices. Easy Switch technology lets you pair up to three devices and switch between them at the touch of a button. And when you install Options software, Flow technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It lets you work seamlessly with multiple devices at once. Move your cursor across up to three computers and easily copy text, images, files, and folders from one to the other. The full-size mouse feels great in your hand, even after hours of use, thanks to its curved shape and soft sides. The carefully designed shape, adapted for right-handed users, guides your hand into the optimal natural position. The classic scroll wheel between the two main buttons has an automatic speed adjustment feature that alternates between fast and precise scrolling. This allows you to scroll quickly and easily through long web pages and documents. There is also a second scroll wheel, the thumb wheel, which is responsible for horizontal scrolling by default. With the Optionssoftware, you can customize the navigation experience.

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