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Mx51s Mini Mix 2 Mixer

Mx51s Mini Mix 2 Mixer

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XLR Input with Switchable Phantom Power, 1/8Stereo Mini Input, 3 Stereo RCA Input Pairs, RCA and 1/8Stereo Mini Outputs, Up to 32dB of Gain per Channel, Steel Chassis The MX51s Mini-Mix 2 Four-Channel RCA Mixer is a useful audio tool for any situation where multiple consumer-level products need to be summed to a single stereo output. The MX51s features an XLR microphone input with switchable Phantom power. Its second channel offers both 1/8 stereo and RCA connectors for flexibility. The third and fourth channels have RCA connectors. Each channel features a level knob providing up to 32dB of gain; 26dB for line-level sources. The MX51s has both 1/8 stereo and RCA output connections. The 1/8 output can also function as a headphone jack.

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